TONIGHT ONLY: enter to win a copy of Shannan Martin’s “Falling Free”

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-8-28-23-amHooray, Allison!!!

Friends who hoped to win, I can’t encourage you enough to hop over to and snag a copy. You’ll get some special goodies for preordering, and I can promise that as soon as this treasure of a book arrives in your mailbox, you’ll want to curl up and read it (Kleenex and a pen recommended but not required).

As a teaser, here’s one of my favorite quotes:

“All of us have been fundamentally shaped by the reality that when it comes to love, there is no limit. Love is never divided. It always, always multiplies. In this modern-day economy where resources eventually deplete and spending leads to deficits, we know we’ve landed safely at this secret place where, yet again, conventional wisdom bows to the ridiculous hopefulness of Immanuel.”

See what I mean? Stunning.

We’re having a little surprise giveaway here on Joy Woven Deep – this evening only! Shannan Martin’s book Falling Free will release on September 20th, and I’m thrilled to be giving away a copy to one of you lovely readers.


Shannan is honest, transparent, challenging, and so very alongside the reader. She is self aware about the fact that she is still in process as a Christian learning to engage the poor and marginalized, which helps the reader feel not alone in her potential lack of certainty about how to move forward. I’m a huge fan of this book and am certain it will minister not only to those who read it but those who are loved and served by inspired readers. If you don’t win, make your way over to Amazon and pre-order a copy!

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I’ll update this post, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the giveaway winner in the morning!

Author: Abby Perry

Abby Perry is an old soul, a Jesus girl, better in writing. She's a wife to Jared and mother to Owen and Gabriel. Words strung together is her attempt at making sense of the world. In 2016, she is blogging her way through her first full year of observing the Christian/liturgical calendar. She also writes on her family's journey amidst the realities of Gabriel's neuro-genetic disorder, listening to the Spirit in the midst of suffering, and the questions ever present in her mind.