the friday features: september 9, 2016.

The Friday Features exist to fuel you with you sparks of joy and propel you toward the things that matter as you head into your weekend. If you’d like to submit an article to be included in the features, you can send me the link here.

For When the Foyer on Sunday Morning Gives You AnxietyIntrovert Hires Personal Representative To Engage In Church Small Talk by The Babylon Bee

For the Compelled, or Overwhelmed, by the Thought of Those Who are Incarcerated: Our Prison Ministries are Too Small by Quick to Listen Podcast + CT Editors for Christianity Today

For When You’re Wondering if It’s Childish to be Curious: Real Maturity, C.S. Lewis, and Imagination by Barnabas Piper for The Blazing Center

For the Anticipating: Prepositions, Autumn, and Waiting by Lore Ferguson Wilbert

For When Shopping Just Sounds HorribleDesigners refuse to make clothes to fit American women. It’s a disgrace. by Tim Gunn for The Washington Post

For the Ready (or Resistant) to Talk about Race: 20 Years by Propaganda as seen on The Blazing Center

For When You’re Hungry for Scripture: God’s Case Against Israel by Sharon Hodde Miller for She Reads Truth

Here’s to a restful weekend!

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Author: Abby Perry

Abby has written for The Gospel Coalition, Christ and Pop Culture, Upwrite Magazine, and The Influence Network. She is the communications coordinator for a nonprofit organization and co-facilitates two community efforts—one promoting bridge-building racial reconciliation conversations and one supporting area foster and adoptive families. Abby graduated from Texas A&M University and currently attends Dallas Theological Seminary. She and her family live in College Station, Texas.