Am I My Sista’s Keeper?

A few months ago, I shared that I now have the honor of being a co-host of Shalom in the City. 

In my monthly conversations with Osheta Moore, the podcast’s creator and host, we will talk about our personal experiences with racial reconciliation efforts, discuss news/current events, and break down buzzwords that seem to polarize conversations before they even get started. These episodes are called My Sista’s Keeper: Shalom in the City’s Monthly Conversation on Race & Unity, and I dare say they’re going to pair quite nicely with the other monthly episodes, including Osheta & Jerusalem Greer’s episodes on Shalom in the Home, and the Shalom Book Club with Osheta & Cara Meredith.

Last week, Osheta, Jerusalem, Cara, and I shared our first group episode in which we introduce ourselves, get a little silly, and discuss the theme for this season of the podcast.

And today, Osheta and I are sharing our first My Sista’s Keeper episode with you. We talk about how each of us came to care deeply about issues of race, justice, and reconciliation, and what it is to approach these often awkward, difficult conversations with a spirit of Hopeful Resistance.

The My Sista’s Keeper episodes exist to help YOU begin to bring about Shalom in your own community by modeling a conversation between a black woman and a white woman talking about race. In this first episode, we make promises to each other that will guide our discussions, ask probing questions, and press deep into some uncomfortable places to see if there’s some unity to be found (spoiler: there is).

We also may break out in hives, or at least a sweat, a few times. But it’s that good sweat, ya know? Like when you’re exercising and it’s hard and it hurts but you know that means it’s working. We hope you’ll benefit from listening to a bit of heavy lifting (and plenty of laughter, too).

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Author: Abby Perry

Abby has written for The Gospel Coalition, Christ and Pop Culture, Upwrite Magazine, and The Influence Network. She is the communications coordinator for a nonprofit organization and co-facilitates two community efforts—one promoting bridge-building racial reconciliation conversations and one supporting area foster and adoptive families. Abby graduated from Texas A&M University and currently attends Dallas Theological Seminary. She and her family live in College Station, Texas.