2014: the tools.

i’ve never been that great at organization. i can be a bit of a my-desk-is-covered-in-ten-piles-but-at-least-i-know-what’s-in-them gal, but something about this year has me craving a bit more order and regularity. january was a month of realization, planning, goal setting and calendars – and whaddyaknow, i didn’t break out in hives. in fact, i loved it. schedules have been full yet rest has abounded and i’m so thankful that God is helping me set the tone (thank you, Jessi Connolly, for teaching me that one!) for our days through intentional & focused, yet relaxed & flexible, planning. here are some of the life-giving, strategic tools that have helped me get there.

Powersheets by Lara Casey
Powersheetsfind them here!

     YOU GUYS. this incredible tool has been a major catalyst in my dreams and daily life harmonizing. as a stay-at-home-mom-who-works-part-time-and-does-lots-of-stuff i used to feel a bit unsure about planning ahead, dreaming big and thinking forward. these sheets have helped me grasp the major desires i have for my life, refine them through the filters of loving God and loving others, and come up with practical steps for “making things happen” – Lara’s anthem and the heartbeat behind the powersheets. i’ve had so much fun scribbling my way through the prep work and now i’m heading into my first month of the real nitty-gritty-get-it-done and feeling completely jazzed about it. funny how the marriage of God-given dreams and realistic planning create joy, accomplishment and margin.

The Ann Voskamp Trifecta
Ann Voskamp Collage

     ah, Ann. what a burst of fresh air she breathes into my life so often, most recently, through three free tools/printables for richer daily living. the first is the grace plan, a “sanity manifesto,” ann says, and i wholeheartedly agree. i conjunction, i’m participating in her scripture memory for the rest of us plan, hiding verses from John in my heart and displaying the lovely printables around our home. lastly, the oh-so-wonderful daily planner. this neat and clean little sheet helps me see my day all at once, helping me quickly determine if i’m trying to cram too much into one day, what to keep as most important, and what to stick onto the to-do list for another day. instead of feeling owned by my schedule, this sheet helps me feel like i have ownership of it – a good, good thing.

Simplified Life Binder by Emily Ley
Simplified Life Binder Emily Leyfind it here!

     i just received the binder this week and so far, i am completely loving it. my best attempt at getting organized is finding a way to be as minimalist as possible – one place for (almost) everything, organization within it. this binder is a huge helper in that attempt. the binder comes with five tabs, each of which are a lovely different color and have a pep talkin’ phrase on them. emily’s shop has lots of sheets sets to choose from as well – to do lists, health trackers, ideas, etc. i keep my powersheets and daily planner inside the binder, it’s my portable desk/file cabinet and i love it!

     well, my friends, there’s my little cadre of goal/plan/schedule/keep it together goodness (plus a $10 office depot 2014 planner). i hope one or more are a good fit for you as well. i don’t think i’ll ever be fully type A, entirely filed or labeled or alphabetized, but i’m so happy to be growing in this area of self-control. i’m learning how to keep the stuff of life in order so that the stuff of dreams has a chance to breathe. joy.

what helps you stay organized, dream, make things happen?

[none of these wonderful people knew i would be blogging about their products, in fact, none of them know me at all! i’m just recommending some products i value and enjoy because maybe you will find them helpful too :).]

Author: Abby Perry

Abby has written for The Gospel Coalition, Christ and Pop Culture, Upwrite Magazine, and The Influence Network. She is the communications coordinator for a nonprofit organization and co-facilitates two community efforts—one promoting bridge-building racial reconciliation conversations and one supporting area foster and adoptive families. Abby graduated from Texas A&M University and currently attends Dallas Theological Seminary. She and her family live in College Station, Texas.

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  1. never told you…but I had not seen the daily sheets…and after you posted this, I have been using them 🙂
    for the doxology I put:
    Rejoice Always! Give Thanks! Draw Fresh! Fish for Men!
    Thanks for sharing your tools with us!

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